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We offer a full money-back guarantee on all of our products. Refund, replacement or exchange within 30 days of receipt.

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We offer free shipping for all orders $100 and over from within the province of Ontario, and all orders from the other Canadian provinces* that are $125 and over.

“Amazing customer service! I ordered avocado oil yesterday, and received it the next day! I would do business with this company again and again. In fact, I am researching to do another order right now!”
Devon, London, Ontario

“Thank you Colleen and Awaken My Senses. Your Essential Oils are FABULOUS. I have had remarkable improvements on my face.Thanks again to your wonderful oils.”

Rubena, Toronto, Ontario

“Thank You Thank You Thank You! I’ve had rosacea for the last few years and tried an array of prescription medication as well as beauty products that claimed to help calm rosacea but did little to help. I came across Awaken My Senses while searching for non-toxic products and am so thankful that I did. I’ve been using the Sensitive Skin Program and in as little as two weeks have noticed a great improvement. A friend that owns a spa even asked me what I’m using because my skin looks so clear, healthy, and glowing. I’m so happy to have my old skin back and am even more thrilled that I can use an organic/non-toxic product to achieve the results I want. You definitely have a steady customer in me!”

Kristina, Long Island, New York

“Colleen I went to your Essential Oils seminar yesterday and had a fabulous time! I learned so much, and it has left me with a passion to learn more! I was happy to learn that you are the same company that makes my skin cleansing products that I have been using for over a year now. They have worked wonderfully on my sensitive skin, and not triggered any of my many allergies! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge. Your passion and commitment to excellence is infectious!”

Bev, Zephyr, Ontario

“I just want to thank you for your high quality products and your excellent service. It’s the second time that I’ve ordered on your website and received my parcel the day after! 

I used to order organic cosmetics from the US and now I’m so happy and proud to buy fabulous Canadian products…!
Thank you and please continue your great work!”

Maryam, Montreal, Quebec

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for everything that you do. I’ve been making the majority of my own body care products for the last year or so, but so far have been unable to find a good formula for facial care products. I have very high standards, and even the “natural” and organic products lines available typically had something in them that I wanted to avoid. I was getting incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t find a company that was as committed to natural and holistic principles as I was. And then, I found your company. Everything I was looking for, from being made in Canada, using fresh organic and fair trade ingredients, and adopting animal rights policies, right down to the glass bottles! I plan to use your products for many years to come.”

Rachael, Coquitlam, BC
“You know – the first time I placed an order with Awaken My Senses it was because I know you guys and I believe in what you’re doing with your products. This time I’m ordering because I really, really like the products themselves.”
Lorraine , Oshawa, Ontario

“I can’t say enough about your eye gel!  I bought it at first to help me with my dry eyes after trying everything out there and I have always known that aloe was good for the eyes too.  I had a stye for over a year which I actually thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  After three weeks  of using your gel it was completely gone! It’s a remarkable product and I use it sometimes in the night instead of an eye cream.  It’s also for me a natural solution for dry irritated eyes  and I use it in the winter when I have to stand at the bus stop waiting to pick up my kids. Thank you!”

Rohini, Mississauga, Ontario

“Dear Awaken My Senses team,
I just had to say thank you for providing a product that doesn’t contain preservatives or other harmful chemicals, is packaged in glass and not tested on animals. I see it as a win in every respect. Previously I had to settle for products that were “better” than average, had “less” chemicals and were still packaged in plastic. And the best thing? It works better than any other skincare I’ve tried!! And I’ve tried everything from cheap pharmacy brands to expensive department store brands, from Dr. recommended medicated, and even what I saw on infomercials. Thank you for bringing my skin care search to an end and doing something good for people and the environment. 
100 % happy customer!”

Lisa H

“Hi Colleen,
As you know, a week or so ago, I was in what I would refer as crisis mode.  I have had a rough go of things over the past few weeks and one day my upper back went into complete and total spasm. I also was unable to breathe properly.  The pain was to the point that I thought I was going to pass out.  With the assistance of  yourself, your amazing knowledge of essential oils and their use, I actually had relief in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. The words “Thank you” cannot describe how grateful I am. 

To all of you out there …. over the counter and prescription drugs cannot act as quickly as this treatment did. I know because I tried that… Colleen’s essential oils did the job in 15 to 20 minutes!  Thank you Awaken My Senses….I am now awake!!!!!!!”

Marion, Toronto, Ontario

“I had the privilege of sitting in on your seminar on Saturday at Goodness Me. I enjoyed it so much, you are an inspiration! I have spent thousands and thousands on skin care products, house hold products and quick fixes for all sorts of ailments that just do not work…and since my father’s cancer diagnosis in 2006 and subsequent death in December 2008, I have been on the hunt to eliminate harmful toxins from both my and my husband’s life (as well as our dogs’ lives!). I am completely inspired after your seminar to do just that! So much so, that if I could quit my job today and dedicate my life to this task…I would…and am hopefully going to head in that direction real soon. Thank you for taking your time to educate us on Saturday…you have certainly left an impact on my life! God Bless”

Natalie, Hamilton, Ontario

“I just want to say that I recently purchased the Dry Skin Kit and I LOVE IT! What a great product. I have very sensitive skin and psoriasis and sometimes natural products can hurt more than help. Not only are they practically unscented, they are so soothing and work so well with my skin! Just amazing. I also love the fact that you do have the trial/travel kits. I think that this is a great way to test drive a product and find out if it works for you before hand! I plan to even reuse my jars for travel by filling them up with the product from my recently purchased large bottles. Love your natural ways!”

Denise, Burlington, Ontario

“Hello, I am a new customer to your awaken my senses line and wanted to write you guys to let you know that it is just fabulous. Obviously I haven’t seen every product out there but so far this line is the cleanest I’ve seen and I love that its made in Canada!”

Kelly G, Edmonton, Alberta

“It is such a joy to learn about aromatherapy from Colleen! She is passionate and knows her stuff. I love the care and detail which Colleen puts into sourcing her essential oils and carrier oils. I’ve experienced and benefitted from the incredible support these essential oils bring, especially the chakra blends. Keep up the great work Colleen – thank you!”

Christine, Kingston Ontario