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Due to climatic conditions and the risk of products freezing during shipping, our water-based skin care products are currently unavailable for locations outside of Ontario (this does not affect night oils).

If you are an Ontario resident, please call us at (613) 770-0254 to place your order and make arrangements for overnight shipping. Thank you – Awaken My Senses.


As we age, our skin cells become less energetic and tend to lose elasticity, resulting in more wrinkles, lines and creases. The appearance of “aging skin” generally starts around the age of 50, although harsh climates and poor eating habits can start this process much earlier.

How Our Program Works

Our Aging Gracefully Program uses oils that have the ability to cross the dermal barrier and that are rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. These oils nourish skin cells as they develop in the dermis (inner layer of skin). As the cells work their way to the epidermis, they are plump and retain a higher level of elasticity, thus reducing wrinkles and giving the skin a vibrant, healthy tone.

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