//30 minute Chakra Balancing Treatment

30 minute Chakra Balancing Treatment

$ 55.00

  • USD: 44.00$

A 30 minute remote Chakra Balancing Treatment in the comfort of your own home performed by Colleen Hague, who is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Certified Aromatherapist and the designer of our Awaken My Senses Chakra Blends.



What you will receive

Your purchase confirmation email will contain a link to your downloadable certificate that includes instructions on how to contact us to book your treatment. The certificate can be downloaded up to one year from date of purchase. It can be downloaded multiple times; however it is valid for one treatment only.

Who performs the treatment

All Chakra Balancing Treatments are performed by Colleen Hague, who is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and our resident Certified Aromatherapist. Guided by Universal Energy and backed by years of knowledge in the properties of essential oils, Colleen created our Chakra and Mind and Spirit essential oil blends.
For more information about Colleen, visit https://chspiritualconnections.vpweb.ca/

What you can expect from the treatment

Colleen visualizes and meditates, channelling energy through your body. This releases blockages that may exist within your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body. Once your treatment is completed, Colleen will send you an email outlining what was sensed during your treatment both physically and emotionally, as well as a suggested regime to help keep your Chakras balanced.

How we do it

Our Chakra Balancing Treatment is administered through Reiki and can be sent anywhere in the world. Reiki is Universal Life force energy which is not bound by our physical restraints of space and time.

What is required on your part

To send a Chakra Balancing Treatment all we need is your name and location. It is best that we perform the treatment when you are resting or after you have gone to bed. The treatment takes about 30 minutes.

How to get your Chakra Balancing Treatment at no charge!

Our Chakra Blends-Full Set includes a complimentary certificate for this treatment. Your download link for your certificate will be included in your purchase confirmation email.


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