//Cedarwood Atlas (Cedrus atlantica) – Organic – 5 ml

Cedarwood Atlas (Cedrus atlantica) – Organic – 5 ml

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Get 10ml for the same price as 5ml and save 70% compared to the regular price! See below for details.

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We’re out of 5ml bottles, so here’s a great savings opportunity – get 10ml for the same price as 5ml*.
And the sale price stays the same, so effective savings are over 70%!

*Although this oil will be shipped in a full 10ml bottle, the label will say 5ml.

Cedarwood Atlas is an evergreen tree native to North Africa. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the wood. Ancient Egyptians used cedarwood oil as an ingredient in their mummification process.

INCI: Cedrus atlantica

ESSENCE: Fortifying and strengthening. Cedarwood Atlas is a base note and is considered to be grounding and a powerful tonic to our body’s Qi.

EFFECTS: Instills confidence and security. Helps us to cope with life’s stresses and challenges.

THERAPY: Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is used for treating coughs and as a chronic bronchitis home remedy as well as for its mild diuretic properties, which are useful in the treatment of cellulite and oedema.


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