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Mind and Spirit Set

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This 6 blend set contains all of our intriguingly designed Mind and Spirit blends. These all organic essential blends can be inhaled or diffused to aid meditation, help promote positive thinking, bolster confidence, encourage playfulness, maintain focus and even help enhance feelings of joy. Can also be used in aroma lockets!

5 in stock

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Contains the following organic essential oil blends:

Confidence Blend (10 ml)
Focus Blend (10 ml)
Joy Blend (10 ml)
Positivity Blend (10 ml)
Inner Child Blend (10 ml)
Meditation Blend (5 ml)


Application instructions for all blends:

Inhalation – take 3- 4 deep breaths directly from the bottle, visualizing the breath reaching every part of the body.

Aroma locket – add 3 – 4 drops to the locket pad.

Diffuser – add 6 – 10 drops to any diffuser

Massage: rub 2 – 3 drops into the bottom of the feet.

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