What Our Customers Say

“I’m loving your skin care products! When I discovered that many of my organic body care products also had a number of toxic ingredients in them, I started looking for new options. Very glad to find your company and a source of high quality, truly non-toxic products. And you are very speedy in shipping, which is great!”

Carol B
Bellevue, Washington

“I absolutely love the quality and purity of your products! I am 61 years old and get many compliments on my complexion! My skin looks and feels great.”

Karen M
Kearney, Ontario

“I started with your dry skin toner and moisturizer and recently picked up your cleanser for sensitive skin and treatment for rosacea. I have been experiencing extremely dry skin due to weather and also, I believe, the rosacea. People think dry skin is uncomfortable but not a big deal, but my skin felt as though I had put on a mask that had dried and was starting to burn my face. It felt this way all the time, no matter what I used. Prior to finding your products, I was trying anything and everything to help, and trying to stick with as natural as possible. This was a challenge because a lot of products claim to be “organic”, and then you read the ingredient list, which appears to be anything but organic. Your products came to my attention because of the simple list of ingredients as well as the price. Anyway, where have you been all my life? They are wonderful and my skin feels so much better. I tried the rosacea treatment for the first time this evening, and even without the moisturizer, my skin is comfortable. This is a really big deal for me to find wonderful products at a price that is affordable. I’m planning to check out your body care next. Thank you again for doing a wonderful job. Much appreciated!”

Rebecca B

“You know – the first time I placed an order with Awaken My Senses it was because I know you guys and I believe in what you’re doing with your products. This time I’m ordering because I really, really like the products themselves.”

Oshawa, Ontario

“Thank you Colleen and Awaken My Senses. Your Essential Oils are FABULOUS. I have had remarkable improvements on my face.Thanks again to your wonderful oils.”

Toronto, Ontario

“Hello Colleen, I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your skin care line for a little over a year and I absolutely love your products. I’ve alternated between the sensitive skin cream and the aging gracefully cream and they’re both fabulous. I also love the shea butter and the mango butter. My skin absorbs them so quickly and it feels so soft afterwards. I am so pleased that I have discovered your products and the fact that you are a Canadian company makes it even better. I wish you all the best!”

Ruth B
St. Catharines Ontario

“I LOVE your products. After years of battling Rosacea and hundreds of dollars down the drain to then discover your Rosacea Blend product and in only three days I began to have positive results and now have my Rosacea completely under control and money in the bank. Also my sensitive skin thanks you each and every time I use all of the sensitive skin products and you don’t want to get me started on the amazing revitalizing eye gel as I could go on forever. My granddaughters excema was cleared up in just three weeks. My sinuses are never congested when i use your aromatherapy products nor do they irritate my asthma which testifies to me how pure they really are. Thank you, Awaken my Senses.”

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

“I have been using the oily skin care program for well over a year now and I just have to say I love it! Previously, I would see my dermatologist on a yearly basis and try new products for oily skin. They always told me to find products that were oil free, but nothing seemed to work. Who would have thought that a cleanser and a moisturizer with oils in it would be my savior! Needless to say, I haven’t seen a dermatologist since! Thank you Awaken My Senses.”

Brookfield, Wisconsin

“I had to take the time to write feedback because your products have truly transformed my skin. I use the Rose Hydrating Mist as a toner and the Rosacea Blend as my day/night moisturizer after I wash my face with my own natural homemade face wash.

Like most people with rosacea, I have ridiculously sensitive skin. As I apply the Rosacea Blend, it almost instantly calms the redness on my face after I wash it, and the effects last all day. My flushing used to be relentless. Now, my flushes are far and few between, and the severity has drastically reduced. As an added benefit, it has also cleared my face of acne and reduced the appearance of a scar. This is a miracle in a bottle. My face literally looks and feels like silk, people compliment my skin all the time, and I feel fantastic that I’m only using natural ingredients on my skin.

Next on my list to buy are the Eczema Blend and the Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion, as I have minor kerotosis pilaris on my arms. Your products should be sold at dermatology offices because they work unlike the chemical-laden and expensive products that are sold over the counter or by prescription. You have a customer for LIFE. Thank you so much!!”

Hamilton, Ontario

“I just want to say thank you very much for your products. I’ve been using your Aging Gracefully products for a while now and my skin has completely changed. I was previously experiencing breakouts and dry spots and now my skin is smooth and blemish free! My teenage daughter was also experiencing some challenges with her skin so I started her on the sensitive skin product line and she too has had great success. I would also like to note how responsive your company has been to product delivery, emailed questions etc. It’s been a complete pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!”

Brantford, Ontario

“Thank You Thank You Thank You! I’ve had moderate rosacea for the last few years and tried an array of prescription medication as well as beauty products that claimed to help calm rosacea but did little to nothing of the sort. I stumbled upon Awaken My Senses while browsing non-toxic products listed on the EWG.org website and am so thankful that I did. I’ve been using the Sensitive Skin Program and in as little as two weeks have noticed a great improvement. A friend that owns a spa even asked me what I’m using because my skin looks so clear, healthy, and glowing. I’m so happy to have my old skin back and am even more thrilled that I can use an organic/non-toxic product to achieve the results I want. I admit I was a little apprehensive to use the night oil because I’ve always been told to get oil-free products, but my skin drinks it up and I know it’s helping make the difference. You definitely have a steady customer in me!”

Long Island, New York

“Colleen I went to your Essential Oils for Pets seminar yesterday and had a fabulous time! I learned so much, and it has left me with a passion to learn more! I will be trying your recipes on my pets and family, and have complete faith in their ability to do the job. I was happy to learn that you are the same company that makes my skin cleansing products that I have been using for over a year now. They have worked wonderfully on my sensitive skin, and not triggered any of my many allergies! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge and recipes. Your passion and commitment to excellence is infectious!”

Zephyr, Ontario

“Amazing customer service! I ordered avocado oil yesterday, and received it the next day! I would do business with this company again and again. In fact, I am researching to do another order right now!
Best regards”

London, Ontario

“I just want to thank you for your high quality products and your excellent service. It’s the second time that I’ve ordered on your website and received my parcel the day after!
I used to order organic cosmetics from the US and now I’m so happy and proud to buy fabulous Canadian products…! 
Thank you and please continue your great work!”

Montreal, Quebec

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to your company for everything that you do. I’ve been making the majority of my own bodycare products for about the last year or so, but so far have been unable to find a good formula for facial care products, with the exception of toner. I was distraught that I may have to return to using commercial products in the meantime. I have very high standards, and even the “natural” and organic products lines available typically had something in them that I wanted to avoid, not to mention having to buy new plastic containers each time I ran out. I was getting incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t find a company that was as committed to natural and holistic principles as I was.
And then, I found your company. You had everything I was looking for, and more. From being made in Canada, using fresh organic and fairtrade ingredients, and adopting animal rights policies, right down to the glass bottles! I was ecstatic, and plan to use your product for many years to come. It makes my skin feel great and soothes my conscience. And not only do you make great skin care products, but you also produce quality ingredients of the same high standards, which I use in my own formulas.
So, in short, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that your company does to produce the products that you do. It is greatly appreciated by at least one person. I had been so frustrated with the situation, and this has helped restore some of my faith in commercial production.

Thanks for your time and efforts,”

Coquitlam, BC

“This email is long overdue.  I can’t say enough about your eye gel.  I bought it at first to help me with my dry eyes after trying everything out there and I have always known that aloe was good for the eyes too.  Anyways, I had a stye/chalazion on each eye, one for over a year which I actually thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  After three weeks  of using your gel it was completely gone! Two days ago I noticed another one popping up and I used the gel and it’s gone!  It’s a remarkable product and I use it sometimes in the night instead of an eye cream.  It’s also for me a natural solution for dry irritated eyes  and I use it especially in the winter when I have to stand at the bus stop waiting to pick up my kids.
Thank you and I do hope one day you can create a product for kids that’s unscented. Best Regards”

Mississauga, Ontario

Hello Rohini:  Thank you for your kind comments about our Revitalizing Eye Gel.  It’s a simple but very effective formula.  The scent you experience is the Carrot Seed Essential oil, which is an important component in our formula, so unfortunately I cannot make a product for children that would be unscented and effective.  It is safe to use on children and the smell only lasts a couple of minutes…but I know kids are very fussy!

Best Regards,

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your skin care products I recently purchased. I am a 57 yr-old woman who has had psoriasis for over 20 years, mainly in my scalp and in and behind my ears. It has slowly gotten more troublesome. I have, however, used very little of a huge tube of steroid ointment prescribed me by my physician about 5 years ago…I really don’t like taking steroids! I find your ‘Psoriasis Blend’ very helpful to my scalp and ears and a small patch of facial dryness, which is, I believe, also psoriasis. I also find the sensitive skin formula (I purchased the travel pack to try it out) very effective and kind to my skin AND I find each of your products goes a long way; I am very impressed by that aspect too!
I have a long nursing background AND I prefer natural to pharmaceuticals…so I say “BRAVO!” to you for your dedication and research to find and blend these wonderful natural products for all of us to use and enjoy, and for our ability to trust in the “no harm’ (sans chemicals) approach as the underlying theme of businesses such as yours.
Thank you so much. Good luck with your continuing endeavors.”

Red Deer, Alberta

“Dear Awaken My Senses team,
I just had to write to say thank you for providing a product that doesn’t contain preservatives, other harmful chemicals, is packaged in glass and not tested on animals. I see it as a win in every respect. Previously I had to settle for products that were “better” than average, had “less” chemicals and were still packaged in plastic. And the best thing? It works better than any other skincare I’ve tried!! And I’ve tried everything from cheap pharmacy brands to expensive department store brands, from Dr. recommended medicated, and even what I saw on infomercials. Thank you for bringing my skin care search to an end and doing something good for people and the environment.”

 Lisa H
“100 % happy customer”

“Hi Colleen,
As you know, a week or so ago, I was in what I would refer as crisis mode.  I have had a rough go of things over the past few weeks and one day my upper back went into complete and total spasm. I also was unable to breathe properly.  The pain was to the point that I thought I was going to pass out.  With the assistance of  yourself, your amazing knowledge of essential oils and their use, I actually had relief in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. The words “Thank you” cannot describe how grateful I am.
To all of you out there …. over the counter and prescription drugs cannot act as quickly as this treatment did. I know because I tried that… Colleen’s essential oils did the job in 15 to 20 minutes!  Thank you Awaken My Senses….I am now awake!!!!!!!”

M from Toronto, Ontario

“I attended your “Creams and Lotions” class on Saturday and I have been raving about it ever since. I learned so much and don’t plan to buy traditional off-the-shelf products again. Your seminar space is warm and inviting and I can’t wait to sign up for the next one. Thanks for sharing so much of your vast knowledge with the class. I’ve been using your products for about three months now and have shared the outstanding results with many friends and colleagues. Can’t wait to see what you mix up next!”

 Sylvia Mertins

“It is not often that a company has a face. It is even more rare, that questions one has, are answered completely. Keep up the good work, Awaken My Senses, and I look forward to the years to come. Thank you.”

Lyn E
Alliston Ontario

“Hi Colleen and team
I was down in Chatham, where my family is (about 1 hr west of London). I went to my favourite spa there for a pedicure and was talking with the aesthetician about products. They currently have another skin care line. I was, of course, raving about Awaken My Senses and she mentioned that she’s always looking for the perfect products. I told her I would put you in touch with her.
Thanks – and thanks for giving me back great skin!!! I keep getting so many compliments. I keep saying “You too can have great skin!!!” I’m trying to convert the entire city of Toronto!!!
P.S. I gave the little kit of rose hydrating mist and eye gel to my brother because he’s a real product lover too. He’s a smoker and a drinker, and he gets up at 5am for work each day, so you can only imagine. About 2 days after I gave him the stuff, he said something along the lines of “That eye gel… best stuff ever!!! I woke up with the puffiest, squintiest eyes. I put some of that eye gel on and by the time I got to work I actually looked human!” And then he told me over the weekend that he loves the Rose Hydrating Mist. Uses it whenever he’s feeling a bit gross after running around the restaurant all day.”

Toronto Ontario

“I had the privilege of sitting in on your seminar on Saturday at Goodness Me. I enjoyed it so much, you are an inspiration! I have spent thousands and thousands on skin care products, house hold products and quick fixes for all sorts of ailments that just do not work…and since my father’s cancer diagnosis in 2006 and subsequent death in December 2008, I have been on the hunt to eliminate harmful toxins from both my and my husband’s life (as well as our dogs’ lives!). I am completely inspired after your seminar to do just that! So much so, that if I could quit my job today and dedicate my life to this task…I would…and am hopefully going to head in that direction real soon. Thank you for taking your time to educate us on Saturday…you have certainly left an impact on my life! God Bless”

Hamilton, Ontario

“My daughter has had eczema her whole life and has used prescribed hydrocortisone cream.  It is okay, but she tried your Eczema Blend, and immediately felt relief, said it is GREAT and is using it regularly now instead of the prescription since it works and feels better :)”

Karolyn B
Scarborough, Ontario

“Hi Colleen, hope all is well! I met you at Noah’s a couple weeks ago and you were kind to share your wisdom with my mother and I about your products.
I purchased the dry skin program and quite enjoyed using it, and saw results in my skin which was more plump, soft and moisturized. Unfortunately, after a few days of using the products, I began to break out. Small white pustules (zits?) started showing up on my t-zone, and the odd one on my cheeks which are typically dry.
I am wondering if I am perhaps not using the products correctly, or maybe too frequently? Should I be concerned?
Your sage feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks and kind regards,”

Toronto, Ontario

Hello Lisa: I do remember you, and you are using the product correctly. What you are experiencing is a removal of toxins from your skin – it’s one of the amazing benefits of using pure essential oils, and the pustules are a result of the toxins being pulled out. You will need to do a steam cleanse. Using a bowl of hot water and a towel, steam your face for about 4 – 5 minutes. For quicker results, add 3 – 4 drops of Eucalyptus oil to the water. Eucalyptus is a decongestant and will open the pores. I recommend a steam cleanse every two weeks in the summer months and about once a month in the winter – your skin will love it!
I know that the appearance of these “zits” is annoying, but as they say – there is a silver lining – your body is getting rid of toxins and that is a really good thing.
Lisa, try out the steam cleanse and let me know how you make out. If the “zits” come back, then the program is too rich for you and you could consider switching to the Sensitive Skin Program.

Best Regards,
Colleen Hague

“Hello Colleen!
Many thanks for your quick and super informative reply. That is most exciting! Although it may be a bit unsightly, I love the idea of toxins being removed from my skin! I will follow your directions for the steam cleanse. I purchased the Eucalyptus oil from Noah’s the day we spoke so I’m ready to go. I will be sure to update you with my results!
Also wanted to mention that my mom has been using the products you suggested for her and she looks absolutely radiant. I am so excited that you have created this line and wish you much success! I am also spreading the word about Awaken My Senses to my friends and family.
Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Colleen!

Thanks & Regards,

“I just want to say that I recently purchased the Dry Skin Program and I LOVE IT! What a great product. I have very sensitive skin and psoriasis and sometimes natural products can hurt more than help. Not only are they practically unscented, they are so soothing and work so well with my skin! Just amazing. Love your natural ways,”

Burlington, Ontario

“Hello, I am a new customer to your awaken my senses line and wanted to write you guys to let you know that it is just fabulous. Obviously I haven’t seen every product out there but so far this line is the cleanest I’ve seen and I love that its made in Canada 🙂
Do you have plans to produce any cosmetics? I think that would be great. Thank you.”

Kelly G
Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Kelly:  thank you for your lovely comments about our products.  We currently have no plans to produce a cosmetic line, but that’s not to say we won’t look at it in the future!

Thanks again,
Colleen Hague

“I attended one of your seminars given by Goodness Me in Hamilton. It was very informative, fun, and very interesting and I loved your sense of humour! I have tried the natural scrubs you suggested and was very pleased with the results. I have bought some of the products and am looking to try your complete line. Thank you very much!”

Hamilton, Ontario

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Yours in Good Health,
The Awaken My Senses Team

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